3 ways the best leaders set themselves apart

Great leaders are in great demand, whether it’s being a coach for a football team, a CEO for a corporation, or a general for the Army. In many cases people are mistaken about what makes a good leader, thinking it’s about being able to establish resources and...

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Mind Meld

Telepathy. ESP. Mentalism. Whatever you call it, the ability to communicate thoughts, feelings, or experiences without using our known sensory channels is a timeless superpower that’s served countless science fiction tales, sparked endless debates between paranormal...

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2 tools for keeping an open heart and mind

I almost couldn’t believe my eyes as I read the following passage in a book a local businessman had written and asked me to read, “Remove people from your life whose beliefs, ideas, and values aren’t aligned with yours. Make no compromises here.” Holy smokes!  What a...

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