5 ways to tame bias

Once upon a time there was boss who was an extrovert and who preferred working with extroverts. Over time, he quit adding introverts to his team and weeded out those who had joined the team before he took over. He was shocked when a class action discrimination charge...

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Rooting for more women in technology

There’s plenty of data that shows the positive effects that result from the growing presence of women in the business world. There’s a couple reasons why women have proven to be a positive boost for business: They’re half the population, which is a tremendous...

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You got the job…now what?

Great, you got the job! Some people in this situation might think, "Whew! Now I can relax, cruise a while and rest on my laurels." Actually, your work is just beginning, but so is your "glory!" 6 priorities for first 90 days on the job   There are six priorities that...

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