Reflect before you leap

“I never thought I’d get in trouble for doing what I thought was the right thing,” lamented Sally. “I believed my boss would appreciate me getting the whole story.” Sally’s boss, the department head, had been informed by one of her direct report supervisors, Keith,...

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When women lead, companies prosper

I’m often interviewed and asked about successful women in the workplace and my views on being one of the few to break the glass ceiling in the technology sector.  My response has always been that I never saw a glass ceiling, so I didn’t give myself an excuse not to...

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3 ways the best leaders set themselves apart

Great leaders are in great demand, whether it’s being a coach for a football team, a CEO for a corporation, or a general for the Army. In many cases people are mistaken about what makes a good leader, thinking it’s about being able to establish resources and...

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