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Tools, tips, training, and personal development insights so you, your team, and your organization can lead with kindness, and make both a positive economic and engagement difference.

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“Jane’s attention to detail, care of individuals, ability to strategize, creativity and genuine love of the work is equal to her emotional intelligence and commitment to personal development. Jane is an exceptional human being whose love of life is infectious and inspiring.”

Deborah Annes | Owner, DBE Consulting, Inc.

“Jane Perdue was astounding at today’s Influential Women in Biz awards luncheon.”

From the Charleston Regional Business Journal

“Jane is a passionate, intelligent and creative professional who consistently gets amazing things done. Her wealth of experience combined with a calm, thoughtful demeanor allows her to connect dots that most people would miss, make informed decisions and lead a cohesive team to success. It was a great honor to work with her and I recommend her talents without reservation.”

Sean Kearney | Executive Director, Learning and Development

“Jane, attached is my 360 follow up. I could cry for joy. Well, heck, I AM crying for joy. Thank you for all your guidance throughout this process. I find you to be professional, skilled and compassionate; I’m sure we’ll cross paths again.”

Tammy McAdory | Executive Director

“I always learn a lot from Jane. She’s a star.”

Bob Burg | author of The Go-Giver

“I met Jane at the SHRM Atlanta Conference. Her presentation, Winning @ Work: Boost Your ‘PQ’, was one of the highlights of the conference. Jane was knowledgeable and entertaining. Jane was the first person many of us had ever heard speak on Office Politics. She took the “sting” out of the word and made it applicable and approachable. She did an excellent job. I was most impressed with the way she engaged people before, during and even after the presentation. She’s a real people person–authentic. She a seasoned professional who connects and truly cares. It was obvious to us all that Jane was a woman of great insight and wisdom. She was thronged after her presentation.”

Philistia Pittman | Adonai Communications, LLC

“I attended a number of Jane’s training sessions on leadership over 10 years ago and still apply what I learned. What she taught me in those meetings has stayed with me and helped shape me to be a better leader.”

James Gerhard | Operations Director

“Jane brings great spirit and passion for energizing and mobilizing the leader in each of us.”

Mike Henry, Sr. | Founder, Lead Change Group

“Jane is a simply riveting speaker.”

Rose Kellam | Brighthouse Networks

Jane is always thought provokingly brilliant!

John Van Kirk

“The panel discussion was so interesting and informative—much more than a group of people with money talking about how they spend it. Jane was really able to bring out a conversation about the true spirit of philanthropy and I think it was relevant to everyone in the room.”

Lasley Poe Steever | Gibbes Museum of Art

“I have a whole new appreciation for how to use power the right way and will start using it that way when I return to my office.”

Keynote speech attendee

“My experience with your workshop was profound, exhilarating, and life-changing for me.”

Workshop participant

“I loved Jane’s opening talk at the WICT Conference. Terrific research slides and eloquently delivered.”

Keynote speech attendee

“You got me thinking about some things I hadn’t considered before, or you got me looking at some old concepts in a new way. In my world, that’s a success.”

Beta book reader

“It’s helpful to know that much of the time a woman is undervalued professionally is because of unconscious bias on the part of many males (and females as well) and that there are ways of coping with it if you’re aware of what’s happening. I wish I had known this when I was thirty. I don’t think I would have felt like I was beating my head against a brick wall quite as much.”

Workshop participant

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