1. Judy Caroll

    Thanks for these tips. I enjoyed reading it. You’re right Jane, one must truly know himself better than anybody else. He will not be a good example or a leader if he himself doesn’t know his strengths or weaknesses. One who does his passion will always be successful in anyways.

    • Jane Perdue


      Big thanks for stopping by and sharing! Love your spot-on point that we can’t be a good example or leader unless we know our strengths and weakness.

  2. joannevalentinesimson

    Fascinating list of things we should know about ourselves. I actually got out a piece of paper and wrote down answers to each of the items you listed. It was enlightening. I got a little hung up on #6 – quirks. I think I’m deliberately oblivious to fashion in ideas and dress. – Is that my quirkiness?
    And I had no trouble with the idea of “passions” the way you presented it. Several “passions” – both negative and positive came quickly to mind.

    • Jane Perdue

      Loved that you made a list against the 7 items! Thanks for the chuckle about the *passions* !

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