Volunteer & escape the unemployment trap

Volunteer & escape the unemployment trap

Today’s guest contributor is Richard B. Alman, principal and chief career/employment strategist of Recruiter Media Inc., owner/operator of the career website Recruiter Networks. Richard has also managed human resources for Fortune 100 and smaller multi-national companies.


be a volunteerThere’s good news for jobs in the United States.

  • In June, the private sector added 288,000 jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • The unemployment rate has shrunk to 6.1 percent, the lowest since September 2008, when the Great Recession was just starting. The rate has dropped nearly 2 percent since the beginning of 2013.
  • The U.S. Payroll to Population employment rate (P2P), as tracked by Gallup, now stands at one of its highest points since tracking began in January 2010.
  • More companies, states and cities are either raising their minimum wage or considering it.

Does this mean that we can put our minds to rest regarding jobs and prosperity?

Not exactly. (more…)

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