1. Kev

    Well, if you’re an outlier, so am I. Another’s attempts to sell me under a facade of sincerity infuriates me. It betrays ulterior motives, which are, at best, fuel for the flames of contemporary narcissism; at worst, display the greater acceptance of manipulation and deception in our time.

    Thank you, at a minimum, for letting me know I am not alone. And for connecting. Really connecting.

  2. RV

    My LinkedIn profile has the statement:

    “Just because we’re LinkedIn friends doesn’t mean that I want a sales call. If I’m looking for a solution I will call you.”

    I’m still amazed that people that want to connect still try to sell me their services or products after seeing me profile…

  3. AI

    LinkedIn is all about personal branding and promoting a person’s professional qualities and achievements. So maybe, you have misplaced expectations.
    Seems you were expecting personal adulation or to be wooed by the writer. Coming to LinkedIn expecting the normal social media experience would lead a person to this ill conceived condition. LinkedIn is still widely viewed as “serious business”. The members who post things about their pets and other personal/non-business interests are defiling LinkedIn which if LinkedIn does change this behavior will ultimately lead to it becoming another social media garbage site.
    Your disappointment that the writer wrote more about themselves than you was exemplified by your feeling that it was necessary to count lines. Maybe internally re-evaluating your needs and wants rather than wasting time dismantling the, normal or expected, ostentation of a stranger on LinkedIn would serve yourself better.

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