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Quotes that fueled some musings about being weak

Quotes that fueled some musings about being weak

weakness of characterSome recent events and conversations have spurred a newfound interest in me looking at how we approach our personal weaknesses.

Weaknesses can trip us up if we’re not thoughtful and compassionate in how we approach them. How?



  • We can focus too much on trying to turn a weakness into a strength and lose sight of what we’re really good at.
  • We can let an obsession with a real or perceived weakness become a road block that holds us back no matter how good we may be in other areas.
  • We can let others use our weaknesses against us or to control us.
  • We can be blind to our weaknesses, which harms ourselves as well as those around us because of our failure to see and accept

Our weaknesses are an essential part of who we are. Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration in one of those quotes for effectively managing yours.

Quotes about weakness


Quotes about intention

Quotes about intention

intentionBecause of a unanticipated turn of financial fate, my friend has been forced to abandon her dream path and return to a full-time job.

Yesterday she asked me to help her not lose sight of her dream, to not let her get caught in the work-a-day business world vortex and disappear into a swirl of reports, bottom line analyses, and singular focus on climbing the corporate ladder.

She wants me to help her remember that success carries many definitions.

Which got me to thinking about intentions. (more…)