1. Cherry Woodburn

    Wonderful epiphany. Insightful: Every cast is an opportunity filled with promise and potential…this time I’ll catch the big one. A single cast that didn’t return a fish wasn’t a failure. It simply meant you needed to try again (and again and again for me!). Consider how this optimistic attitude could improve many workplaces if leaders allowed room for the learnings that come with failure.

    • Jane Perdue

      Cherry – thanks much! Business just has to make room (in my humble opinion!) for people to try things and have unsuccessful outcomes. That’s what teachable moments are for,

  2. Gerardine Killeen

    Agree with Cherry – optimistic leadership is infectious.

    Really like the ‘everyone’s prize’ idea. It’s a powerful image. Permission to use it, pleas?

    • Jane Perdue

      Gerardine – thanks much for your kind words. Please do use the “everyone’s prize” idea and spread the word!

  3. Susan Mazza

    Rich with insight and wisdom as always Jane! I think I will go cast a few extra lines today 🙂 You just never know when the big one will bite!

    • Jane Perdue

      Susan – honored by your kind words! I think you’ve mastered the art of catching the big one!

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