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Iwhat's your leadership speed‘m a snappy driver (translation: no stranger to speeding tickets).

I’m traveling down a winding two-lane highway and have caught up with the vehicle in front of me—which is going less than the speed limit!

I’m trapped—a most unpleasant feeling for someone who drives as if the traffic light will always be green.


That’s an interesting thought to noodle on while driving a winding road.

Is your leadership speed:

      • Red
      • Yellow
      • Green
      • Some combo of all three?

Thinking about RED light leadership speed:

  • there’s a comfort level with the tried and true
  • rules, regulations, policies, etc. would be clearly defined, enforced and communicated
  • boundaries would be set – no coloring outside the lines
  • change and innovation might take a back seat to “what we know”

Thinking about YELLOW light leadership speed:

  • one eye would be in the rear view mirror and the other peering out the windshield, assessing whether movement or halting is next
  • there would be a greater acceptance of incremental innovation rather than full-scale change
  • the decision-making process probably includes lots of analysis to make sure all the bases have been covered
  • the work environment probably feels safe and secure, maybe creating impatience in some

Thinking about GREEN light leadership speed:

  • there’s most likely lots of blue-sky thinking and visioning, probably in a go-for-it environment that might feel uncomfortable to some
  • boundaries would be written with pencil, if at all, leaving room for initiative and exploration
  • there might be chaos, a concern for security and perhaps a desire for some stated protocols
  • risk-taking would most likely be encouraged with bouncing back from failure just another normal part of doing business

Ah, the road widens…off to pass and head for home, hoping for green lights all the way!

What other actions and/or behaviors would you add to the red/yellow/green leadership speed list?

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