1. Lisa Remaley

    This is so true and relates completely to what I’m going through right now. Working to identify my true priorities in life and building my life around them. Thank you for the article.

    • Jane Perdue

      Lisa — great to hear that you are identifying your life priorities and working to make them so…kudos! I wish you much love, laughter and success as you bring those plans to life!

  2. JoAnne Simson

    Jane, hopefully you friend had some other friends besides you. Don’t beat yourself up over this! I have some of the same guilt feelings for not being there for my children when I was working. Men have no idea how hard it is to be a successful woman. I doubt a man would feel guilty about not “being there” for a guy friend who was going through a divorce.

    • Jane Perdue

      Why this still haunts me, JoAnne, is that she became an acquaintance rather than a friend after this. I missed having her as a friend. The level of our interaction became impersonal rather than up close and personal like it had been before. While that was her choice, I believe I set the stage for that to happen.

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