strong because of my weaknessesLike a spreading case of the measles, the eight women seated together at the conference shared an inventory of what was wrong with them.

I’m bad at pushing back.

I can’t say no. 

I cry at work.

I’m a bad public speaker.

I’m not confident.

I have anger management issues.

The flood of self-disclosures came in response to the request to introduce yourself to your table mates and share something about yourself.

We all have our faults—my list of known issues is long!—but it’s kinda counter-productive, isn’t it, to introduce ourselves by what’s wrong with us? (Of course, going the other way by bragging isn’t much better.)

Gotta get me some fabulocity!

If you can hear yourself describing you to someone with a list of your weaknesses and what’s wrong with you, I recommend taking a dose of “fabulocity.”

My dear friend Taide coined this delicious word. He described it as feeling wonderful about the good things you do and are. That’s a self-affirming approach that’s also fun.

Fabulocity is a welcome antidote to over-emphasizing what we lack or can’t do.

Fabulocity helps us balance our strengths with where we need improvement. Practicing fabulocity lets us lead with something positive about ourselves. And sharing the truth isn’t bragging.

Accept yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, your truths, and know what tools you have to fulfill your purpose. ~Steve Maraboli

First impressions are important so why contribute to making them unfavorable?

You can’t sit back and wait for those around you to accurately size you up. You need to think strategically about encouraging and incentivizing them to see you in the best possible light. If you do, then it is really never too late to make the right impression. ~Heidi Grant Halvorson

No doubt, there’s things about us that need improvement. Yet it’s equally true that we have special gifts and talents that we should honor, appreciate, and share more.

Positive self-esteem is the immune system of the spirit, helping an individual face life problems and bounce back from adversity. ~Nathaniel Branden

Too often we don’t inventory our special gifts and talents, considering ourselves just ordinary  and caught up in what we perceive to be our weaknesses. Enough of that!

To up your fabulocity quotient, make a list of your unique abilities. Revisit it when that pesky inner critic tempts you to be negative or taunts you about your weakness.

And, to make things even better, tell a friend today about his or her fabulocity and encourage them to pay it forward!

Who will you call and talk about fabulocity?


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