Why our world needs FIRSTS

Why our world needs FIRSTS

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Today’s guest author is Chery GegelmanPresident of Giana Consulting LLC.  Chery describes herself as a very ordinary person, an entrepreneur, a speaker, an author, a consultant and a first-time expat that has been blessed with repeated opportunities to lead system-wide change from the middle and the edge of organizations. #6 in an 8-part series.



About a month ago I got a note from Jane Perdue with an invitation to write a guest post for her blog with these questions as thought starters…

Do you ever wonder what women, men and society need to do so that…

…Women and persons of color are designated as a doctor, not “a woman doctor;” as a scientist, not “a Latino scientist,” etc.?

…Special designations aren’t needed in announcements, e.g.:  the first woman to lead the federal reserve, the first female best director Academy Award winner, the first African American female flight crew, etc.?

When I read through Jane’s questions I struggled to see these questions from the same perspective. 

After a month of turning this topic around in my mind trying to find a different perspective, my heart, my gut and my recent experiences convince me even more deeply designations and firsts are a good thing! 

Here’s why:       

Stories of FIRSTS fuel vision and drive hope (more…)