What makes you unique?

What makes you unique?

women supporting womenToday’s guest writer is Jo Anne Simson (J.A.V. Simson), a retired biomedical scientist whose unique passions are writing and travel. She is the author of two books, with her latest being Korea:  Are You at Peace? Jo Anne blogs at joannevalentinesimson and Solo Women at Home and Abroad.  You can contact with Jo Anne on Facebook or on Twitter at @javsimson. #5 in an 8-part series.


Different or Unique?

How would you label yourself? Oops, I should have asked, “How would you brand yourself?”

I have to confess, I have become a tad annoyed with the whole “branding” theme, which has taken over virtually every approach to making ourselves visible in an ever more crowded internet world.

O.K., I get it that we can’t appeal to everyone. Giving ourselves taglines may entice those who share our interests to follow us and, if we’re writers, maybe even persuade some to read our work.

But shouldn’t we—who share the human condition—also try to broaden our interests, enlarge our horizons, and explore other parts of reality that are unfamiliar?

And what if our writing (or our personality) doesn’t fit into a box with a label on it? (more…)

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