As women, we’ve all been there one time or another:

…seeing the man who repeated our idea being met with praise when we were met with silence.

…seeing the man who talks and talks about himself gets the promotion while we work hard and hope someone will notice.

…seeing meeting after meeting be scheduled for 5:30 PM because none of the men attending had to deal with child care.

Who better than another woman to understand?

Sometimes women need a safe place to air grievances, explore new ideas, or test drive courage.

To create that safe place, The Jane Group encourages you to start a local PowerPack.™

A PowerPack™ is a group of women who get together on a regular basis to support one another in changing the leadership status quo for themselves, for their daughters, and for all those who come after us.

PowerPacks™ are a little formal, a lot informal.

Formal from the angle of meeting regularly, having a few ground rules, and talking about supporting one another in changing the leadership status quo.

Informal in that they are scheduled at times and places convenient to your local needs. Why not exchange ideas over a glass of wine or while walking on the beach?

When women support women, we can channel our strength and fears into a force for good.

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