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The Jane Group is a niche professional development firm that works with individuals and organizations courageous enough to value people, principles, and profits equally.
We partner with individuals and organizations who share our interest in changing how leadership is defined, practiced, measured, and rewarded.
Because they recognize that they are operating in a fast-paced business climate driven by differences and technology, our clients are shifting their focus from mostly economics to creating inclusive work environments in which all leaders are expected to deliver both results and relationships, both economics and engagement.
To that end, The Jane Group offers leadership development, coaching, consulting, and speaking services.

Signature Leadership Development Program for All Leaders

In these fast-paced, ever-changing times, effective leaders do more than manage only the bottom line and metrics. They connect. They engage. They make employees feel valued, involved, and respected. They manage differences of thought, perspective, and background up, down and across the organization.
They know managing both the bottom line and workplace interactions matter.
Level 7 Leaders, an intensive, engaging, and highly participatory three-day program with six months of follow-up, provides leaders with the insights and inspiration they need to create inclusive work environments where economics and engagement, results and relationships, thrive.

Signature Leadership Development Program for Women

Women face challenges in moving up in the business world because they have to gain power in a leadership system that wasn’t designed with them in mind.
Step UP, an engaging and intensive three-day program with six-months of follow-up, arms business women with practical information about power, paradox, and inclusion so they can make a difference, deliver high performance, lead with grace and grit, manage competing demands, and be the change they want to see as they rise in their organizations.

Signature Leadership Development Program for Men

One crucial component of achieving inclusiveness is learning how to engage meaningfully, gracefully, and tactfully with those who hold different opinions, values, and beliefs. Becoming familiar with another’s position is possible only when we intentionally set aside our personal opinions and are willing to take a look at the world through their eyes.
The ways of business and leadership that feel natural to men don’t feel so natural to women. The leadership playing field looks perfectly level from the masculine perspective. Confirmation bias (seeing only what we look for) often makes us blind to the position of the other, so our best hope for seeing what we can’t see is entering into different ideas or points of view that carry different assumptions.

In Getting to Balance, male leaders spend three days challenging their personal status quo as well as the organizational one, assessing how well they manage power, paradox, and bias. Comfort zones grow as leaders learn how to lead so that implicit and explicit biases about sex and gender are no longer barriers to performance and inclusion.

Single Topic Personal Development Workshops

Our interactive skill- and personal development workshops are conducted onsite at your workplace or at a selected location. Workshop length can flex from 90 minutes to half a day depending upon your organization’s skill needs.
Subjects available:
  • Decision-making
  • Managing bias and stereotype
  • Power and influence
  • Office politics
  • Communications
  • Negotiating
  • Situational leadership
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Managing differences
  • Women and power
  • Paradox and inclusion

Coaching and Consulting

Learning and growing our leadership skills is an ongoing process as is change. Because context and time are critical, The Jane Group provides one-on-one and group coaching and consulting services. Our coaching facilitates leaders in gaining the comfort and experience to apply their skills in leading themselves and others. Our consulting audits aid organizations in assessing what systems, practices, and/or policies may be unintentionally impeding their efforts to lead inclusively.

The Jane Group’s operating philosophy is one of facilitation, aiding your leadership team in:

  • Diagnosing and defining what practices need to be started, stopped and/or continued to change the status quo
  • Facilitating formulating solutions
  • Building the internal capabilities for your organization to change the situation and effectively managing going forward so repeat problems don’t happen and old behaviors and practices don’t resurface.
  • Bolstering their bias for action and results that will continue long after our team is gone.

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Our founder, Jane Perdue, loves to speak. And people are inspired listening to her. Jane brings a warm, engaging, and informative style to her speeches. Her audiences feel like she’s talking with them one-on-one. They leave inspired, ready to make a difference and to lead big, think big, dream big, live big, and give big.

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“Jane Perdue was astounding at today’s Influential Women in Biz luncheon.”

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