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DJ Greer Wind In Your Sails

Jane recently wrote over at The Lead Change Group a post on Life, Love, & Leadership Lessons In Unlikely Places. In my book Wind In Your Sails: Vital Strategies That Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Success,  I help push entrepreneurs into their own unlikely places.

Creating Challenges

In my recent Lead Change Group post Synergy, I wrote of the need to challenge people out of their comfort zones. Pushing people into their “purposeful discomfort” as Jane wrote in her post. We will only make really change, including accelerating our businesses and organizations, if we as leaders challenge those who work for us. We have to make people uncomfortable in order to push them and ourselves into new areas.

When we make it safe for people to be challenged, we create the opportunity for synergy. The ability for two people to create something much greater than either individual. Helping someone overcome their challenges creates connection and trust. Which leads to greater abilities to take on even more changes and challenges.

Choose Where You Are Going

Entrepreneurs want to be first. Every time. Yet being first at the wrong thing gets you nowhere.

I spend a whole chapter of Wind In Your Sails on corporate strategy. Strategic planning needs to start with a vision where you will be in 5-10 years, a clear set of focus areas to be accomplished in the next three years, and crystal clear measurable goals for the next year. The only way to achieve this level of planning is for the entrepreneur and their senior management team to get off site every quarter for two days of debate and decision-making.

When you have put the time in to do the planning, being first for the right goal can accelerate your business or organization beyond belief. 

Leadership Through Shared Values

Entrepreneurs creating high performing organizations have the right people, heading in the right direction, behaving on the same set of core values.

Great customer experiences come when everyone in organization acts the same way towards the customer. Which only happens when everyone values the customer. Including the entrepreneur.

When people are aligned, working in an environment that matches their value systems, they cannot help but lead and grow. Combine that with an environment where they are constantly challenged towards clear and ambitious goals and you will find people who are leading and thriving.

If you want to lead, read Wind In Your Sails today and you will have three concrete action items to accelerate your leadership in the next 90 days.

Today’s guest contributor is David J. Greer—coach, consultant, entrepreneur, sailor and author. David is a member of the Lead Change Group and has a book, Wind in Your Sails, that’s just been published.

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